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CJ Rislove

Singer. Songwriter. Multi-Instrumentalist. Nomad. Lives full time in his bus converted into a music studio called the Jazz Wagon. 

Thanks to the many requests and encouraging friends, I am now selling merch to raise money for an album!

Buy your Official Jazz Wagon T-Shirt today , take a creative picture with it and email to ASAP. The photo can be serious, or silly, or whatever you want it to be, it just has to be in a Jazz Wagon Tee.

UPDATE: Deliberation is underway as to who won the first T-shirt contest and will have a song written about them. Stay tuned for results! 

AND--CJ and the Jazz Wagon are in and around Tampa, FL 

for the next several weeks for house shows and other venues including Bush Gardens.


Check out the shop page for more new items just added for fun and hey, there is still time to enter the tee contest:) 

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