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CJ Rislove

Singer. Songwriter. Multi-Instrumentalist. Nomad. Lives full time in his bus converted into a music studio called the Jazz Wagon. 

Thanks to the many requests and encouraging friends, I am now selling merch to raise money for an album!

Buy your Official Jazz Wagon T-Shirt today , take a creative picture with it and email to The photo can be serious, or silly, or whatever you want it to be, it just has to be in a Jazz Wagon Tee.

5/24 UPDATE: a little birdie tells me a decision on April's t-shirt contest is forthcoming. 

5/24/24--CJ and the Jazz Wagon, along with traveling buddies Arbour Season, have wrapped up their time in Florida! The house shows, coffee shops, and Bush Gardens were all unforgettable. It's back to Arkansas they go. More song writing in the near future. 


ALSO--CJ and Arbour Season will be in Wisconsin August 24th-September 7th.  If you live in or not too far from Eau Claire and would like a house show, email for more details. Spots will fill up fast! 

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