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"Not all who wander are lost, but I sure am."

CJ, the wandering minstrel with a soul as free as his melodies, has woven his life around the rhythms of the road and the harmony of human connection. His musical odyssey began amidst the turquoise waves and swaying palms of Guam, where as a young lad, the strings of the ukulele first whispered their enchantment into his ears. From those shores, he ventured into the brass depths of the tuba during his middle school years, before igniting the fiery passion of jazz with his high school band, CJ and The Boys.

However, it wasn't until fate serenaded him at an Oktoberfest, where he was spontaneously called upon to sing "That's Amore," that CJ discovered the full breadth of his musical prowess. The revelation sparked a fervent desire to explore not only the melodies of his soul but also the vast landscapes of the world. At the tender age of 14, CJ embarked on a mission, squirreling away $5 at a time into a pickle jar, dreaming of converting a school bus into his nomadic abode. With determination as his compass, he and a friend soon acquired a bus, but it wasn't long before CJ became the sole captain of what would affectionately come to be known as the Jazz Wagon.

The Jazz Wagon, CJ's mobile music studio on wheels, serves as both his sanctuary and his stage, where each day he crafts a new melody, a new verse and chorus, breathing life into the stories of the people he meets along the way. With a heart as expansive as the open road and a melody for every mile traveled, CJ continues to serenade the world, a troubadour of both music and the human spirit.

(chat GPT wrote this, great job chat GPT)

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